Dear Life, Not Yet Done!


It’s not over, It’s not done

The storms in my life are yet to come.

Now I am quiet, staring all around

But my heart is screaming on it’s each and every pound.

Cause I have been killed inside,

But yet I’m still alive …which means I will survive.

I am happy that now I have something to do with my pain,

What my words can’t , actions will explain.




Dear Readers,

Have a question and badly in need of an answer ..

people says follow your heart. What if your heart is in a million pieces. Which piece do you follow? πŸ™‚


118 thoughts on “Dear Life, Not Yet Done!

  1. Your heart is a powerful thing so is your brain and then you soul. When your heart is failing you have the other two to rely upon to get you through til your heart is back into one piece again. Grace and peace to you in your situation.

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  2. What piece do you follow? The one that helps you through that moment…and then the one that helps you through the next moment…and so on. You follow and pick up the pieces one by one until you begin to be whole again. You will never be the same, but you will become whole again. It just takes time. I’ve had my heart shattered too many times to count. And I thought I could never move on from the pain, but I did. Time, sweet moments, good friends and family and most of all, a belief in something greater than me helped me through it. I hope it helps you, too. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading it! I hope you liked what you read. ❀

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  3. Thank you for sharing. Hope the best things happen to you. As far as following your heart, be patient and wait for the conviction before taking the next step. It’s not easy to put it in any simple words. Wait and you’ll see the light of your path. Thank you for stopping by my blog and follow. Keep in touch. I’ll read more of you tomorrow.

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  4. It’s never easy to share pain, you have to follow your heart one piece at a time, picking the pieces up as you go and hoping they reform into a whole. It’s never easy, but if it was would the end be worth the pain? Good luck in coming to terms with what has happened and the pain will lessen over time. Hope you can become stronger, more loving and more focussed by the pain on finding your way back. You’re still here and it’s much better than the alternative, the world is brighter with you in it, believe me.

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  5. “But yet I’m still alive …which means I will survive.” – this is really powerful. You know, somehow, it was very much needed for me today….thanks for the lines. Thank you very much πŸ™‚

    I don’t really have the answer to your question! Sometimes, we need to sit and ponder over instead of following blindly…. I think…

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  6. When your Heart is in a million pieces, just as mine seems to be at this moment in my Life, the only thing I can say is to go on Faith until your Life starts to fit back together again. Give yourself time to heal. Be gentle on you. Cry. Release and express your pain in healthy ways, such as writing. I do so with my camera and photography. Spend time with yourself. Spend a lot of time in Nature, for Nature Herself will heal your pain. My means are forests where I hike for hours until I can breathe easily and the knife in my Heart is no longer there. It is a process to get back on track. Just have Faith YOU will show you what your next step is. With Love, Amy ❀

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  7. “Let yourself be guided by the strange pull of what you really love, it will never lead you astray.” &
    “The wound is where the light enters.” – Rumi
    It is better to be broken than to be unbreakable. Someone who believes themselves to be unbreakable will never truly feel alive, until someone comes along to show them how vulnerable they actually are.
    If your heart is broken, treasure the experience that broke it. Spend your life knowing you are truly alive in your heart and soul and brain and body, and do with your life anything that you can do to show love for life and for all that it brings.

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  8. Follow the pieces and see where they go, what they create. I like this quote from psychologist Brene Brown — “The brokenhearted are the bravest among us. They dared to love.” The best of luck to you and keep up the writing!

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  9. lovely words and a nice question….. it is said that when heart is in thousand pieces then you have to follow your brain…. practical side of the same coin….. brain should always be present with the heart….

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  11. To answer your question: Which piece do you follow?

    I follow all the millions of pieces that the universe can help me restore my heart and pain. If gravity can pull all those pains into one giant orb. My pain and heart heal through the possibilities of our galaxy.

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  12. The one that hurts the most, in so doing the mystery of the pain is revealed and so you will be set free to love and to be loved. There in the midst of your sadness is One who longs to hold you close. Meet your Maker.


  13. Fear not my friend, for every yoke shall be broken, every bondage lifted, every lie exposed and truth revealed, for the power of the Risen Christ is UNSTOPPABLE! There where many times when my heart was in pieces, each time was worse than the time before, till finally only a shell of me remained and that is when I discovered . . a secret.

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