Joyance In Life

Two years and a half,

God knows, in this time span

How much we’ve talked, we’ve cried and laughed.😄

Perhaps we both are always so desperate to be understood by each other.

That sometimes, I wonder

Its definitely you, my friend— no other.😊

Every time, you make it so clear that both of us, on some level belong together.🤝

As lovers, or as friends—or as family or as something entirely different.

Thank you for being the reason I smile.

Perhaps, before you—

I was a heart and a beat; completely broken, sterile.🙃🚬

Dearest, you speak in such a way that I love to listen to you,👂

Maybe because my heart wanted to.

And you listen in such a way that I love to speak to you.😇

Whenever I feel downhearted,

You are the craziest thing—😈

Lights up my heart’s darkest room.

And many a times

I wonder, really, you are with me—

I prefer being alone,

And gaze at my doom.🤔

Everyday, I see your picture

You and your face—

Literally works as a fixture.🤠

Happiness and lightheartedness enters from nowhere, into the streams of my heart.

Already helping me in a fresh new start.👻

Almost everyday, I hear your voice,

Enhancing the inner feeling—

That our time together

is just never quite enough.😈

No matter how much hurdles and hardships works up together and makes it tough.😐

Ever gone through our infinite chats?👓

I wonder why the fuck you topped my list of data usage of watsapp.🔝

Dear you, You may be miles away

But you’re still the very first thing—

Lights up my day.🎶

Its not my imagination, that holds you in

Actually a forever reality,

A feeling like a heaven’s air

And I know, Im not committing a sin.⏸

I don’t know when or how you crept slowly into my heart—in to my life,▶️

But I do know

Staying same, supporting me, standing by my side—

Every time, you strived.🔁

And I know you’re everywhere,

In every hour of my day.

In a second or two

A thought of you,

Is all, that comes my way.🖤

I don’t know how or why, but I miss you.

I miss you all of the time—

Love, forever joyance takes some time.

Its okay, if its said to be a crime.🔒🔓

My heart got attached with yours—

In entirely different ways.

With one another beautiful feeling, almost all days.📝

I don’t know how, when or why,

But I do know it helps me—

In realising what I really am,🆓

Your shadow works as a red beat of my black heart—🖤❗️

Strengthening me in flying high.

Some times, I wonder.

Who are you, the way you really cares.

Little things between you and me—

Spectacularly pairs.🤝

You’re miles apart,

Still got all of my heart,😇

With a damned up feeling—you’re near.

You and your presence is like happiness to me,

With you, I really don’t know why the fuck I forgets—

To drop even a single tear.🙂

You, you are my good days—

For the rest of my life I want to stare.👀

You’re by my side,

Its like a life to an unborn flower—🥀

Couldn’t even think of loosing you,

Thats my worst fear.🔚

Dearest, how same we are—

Mixed with the unconditioned love,

Like a nicotine tar.🚬

Our things and thinking is way much same—

As if warmth of the sun like a fire in the flame.🔥

You are the slightest light,

Protecting me—in my darkest days.🌘

When everything leaves, you stays.

I will be with you,

Every time, you says.

As if you are a hidden joy of life—

Shining upon me, as cold-sun rays.🌦

Considerably, you’re a gift, from God—

You really are.

Shining for me, in the blackout of dark,

Like a star.💫

We’ve never met.

But have a bucket list to do.

I wish all the dreams, imagination and the priorities related to you— comes true.🌈

Because I wanted things to get done—

Same as you.

You are both,

The sunrise and sunset of my heart.🌝🌚

The mornings with you helps me in a fresh new start.

But all of above, the night spend with you is the spectacular part.😄

My heart do likes you.

And I know your heart likes me too.

For I wish we both stay same.

Like the very first day of my life,

You came.🙂

I damn care about who you are.

What you do.

But I really am concerned about little things

Between me and you.📝

Remember, no matter what—

I’ll always stand by your side🧙🏻‍♀️

With an open arms,🤗

Waiting to surround yours-

If you ever wanted to hide.

I wish all the best comes your way.

May you be good, successful and satisfied—

With your life, I pray.🤲

I thank God,

For this beautiful colour of my heart as you—

He allotted to me.😇

Smiles scatters on my face,

You are one beautiful thing—

Which makes me and you as we.🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️=👫


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