The journey from ‘How you’re nothing to them’ to ‘How you became everything to me’

He only shared a picture of yours—Which took my breath away. And when I got to know, that from now onwards, you gonna be part of his journey—I really wanted that if everyone leaves him, you choose to stay.

Because I knew it, he won’t be able to keep you. He won’t be able to give time. Only if he cared about you, was not enough—You’ve gone hand to hand…for the better one to understand.

And then again he brought you back; as you’ve got attached to him in no time—He’s a man who cannot see things disturbed, which are attached to his heart…Possibly it could be one of his weird thought—as if he’s committing a crime.

With all of a sudden, he asked me…Do you want him? Just think about it again—For you already captured a good place in my heart— how could I even rethink about keeping you; his question might have been escaped without even entering my brain.

And then; that day came…when I got a new friend. You!I was starring that man, who handed good moments and happiness to me—As if it was his responsibility; Or as if it was due.

I named you. I tried to gave a good place to you.For happiness came along all my way—I cared more than myself about you.

Tho Im not at all good at ignorance. The shitty talks—the taunts or every shit which disturbs deep down and breaks my heart bad. For you were a gift to me; So far…a good one; from reality I ever had.

You taught me a lesson of ignorance—you taught me how to ignore. For some time, I was able to do that. Wondering. Really? Was it me…like how could I even bare this in me and how could I even store.

Days passed by—I was happy … I was sad. Tho, your love was all I needed, But they were breaking my heart bad.

I tried to explain, I tried to make them understand.That I can keep you. I can take a good care of you. Please let me live the way I wanted to.

They say you aren’t my need. But you’re my want.As if you were far from sunset —But too close to dawn.

They tried to kill you. They asked me to leave. For I never wanted to gave you, back to him—I stepped out of my place. I chose a path which might not be a good one but which satisfied me.

He’s my good friend; He, who handed you to me. I shared a lot of things with him—Fortunately or unfortunately he, a good man, listens to me.

He knew what was going on. He was aware of every shit I was suffering from. For the time, I thought he is with me—He’ll make me strong.

It was getting worst day by day. They weren’t listening to me—They were breaking my heart bad; And never wanted you to stay.

He asked me to do one good thing—Which I never wanted to do. I listened to him and did whatsoever he asked me, Without thinking about what it really is, or whether gonna kill my heart too.

All of above, sudden changes took place. He acted like he never know me—My heart knows… those circumstances; I faced.

I tried to speak to him. I tried to explain. Tears flowing all over my face—A broken voice of my soul left me all alone. As if a fight was going on————

He asked me to gave you, back to him. And he knew it, I never wanted this. After all you were his… before mine. All I’ve got to do was hug you and being kissed.

The moment I was handing you, back to him— all with sorrow. Was the moment my heart shouted loud, ‘The depth of your love today is the depth of your wound tomorrow’…. 😊🚬

… #MissYouLove :)🚬



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