Wild Soul

Drunken by the moonlight, she heard faint whispers in between the forest leaves but she abandoned fear and was lead by her dreams.

As she danced with the shadows of the monsters in her head …the wild lived inside of her and untamed was the heart that kept her curiosity alive to every inch of that. 

She found passion in the night, the way sun gave the moon its light as she’ll never let their tame dim her wild light. 

She never wanted to belong, but she wanted to be free. And in this profound life, she chose to give her love to the things that set her free. 

The wild found her and with it she ran, as she was always away with the fairies as much as she can. 

And with the naked heart, she found the artist that lived within her soul. Colors flowing through her veins, bring life to her wild, as much as her insanity can define her… utterly the matter cannot be told. 

The warmth of the sun like a fire in the flame, rising with the shadows that could never be tamed. 

Who am I? _____But a broken soul! NO… A survivor with an untold story of madness and beauty  … 🚬 which will make your blood run cold.



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