When all is set and done, a person only gets disappointed with such regretfulness that what he have done to himself. And, what he is doing just to make other sparkle and cheerful.😊

Stupendous it is, to be the reason behind the smiles of the people around but a crystal clear heart person perhaps forgets, ‘what the world is?’

Because such people do not lives in the world but they allows the world to live in them.😊As they are the reason of cheerfulness and lighheartedness, and they expect the same from the world as well wholeheartedly and impassionedly.

Such person try out for his liveliness, which he is in search for. Where? In the smiles of the people,in the cheerfulness of the world. He, every now and then put his happiness in the world’s hand. And, again and again, the world drops it. The world drops it everytime.

But😊… The person who have a real heart, a pure heart, believes that happiness comes when he stops complaining about the troubles he had in his life and offer thanks for all the troubles he don’t have.

He, just let kindness and happiness shines from his face so much, so that it spread to another beautiful face.
As he believes,

“Happiness is only real when shared”.Β 


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